Bright eyes the greatest reward

"Hocus pocus, one two three." Where this call resounds, one can’t be far away: children’s magician markus sperber. "With this slogan, the little ones support me loudly during my "magic shows", says the magician from jura. He has become a favorite of the children.

The 44-year-old from the weismain suburb of gorau, who has been performing magic for six years, now has this in writing. In an online vote, he was crowned germany’s most popular children’s magician. Sperber is no stranger to the district of kulmbach either. In the "robbers’ cave of the kinderhort of the kulmbach awo, at the kulmbach grunzugfest or at the summer festival in the animal shelter he has already enchanted big and small with his tricks.

The audience decides

At the regensburg magic theater, mentalist and mind reader marc hagenbeck from isenburg in the rhineland-palatinate presented him with the hasini award. Together with tobias muller, a magician from munster, he created the award, which was presented in several categories for the first time this year.

Here, it is not a jury of magicians that votes on the fate of a fellow magician, but the audience. For sperber, who became aware of the competition in a facebook group of like-minded people, that’s the great thing about the prize. "The verdict of the audience is most important to me. It shows me that my art is appreciated. In this respect, the prize is a measure of success for me." Hundreds of fans from all over germany had voted for sperber on social media. Even from faraway tunisia – thanks to the world wide web – lovers of the art of magic had given the upper franconian their vote. He won them over with a video of a performance in karlstadt in lower franconia, which reflected how exuberant his shows are.

A simple recipe

Sperber attributes the success to a simple recipe. "At the end of my performance, the children were allowed to feel like heroes." You were allowed to help turn a green cloth into a red one.

Six years ago everything had taken its course. "It’s my wife’s fault that i do magic." The hobby magician says this not with a reproachful expression, but with a smile on his face. "In 2013, for valentine’s day, she had given me a ticket for an event with the well-known magician rudolf konthur from obersdorf near hochstadt. I was so fascinated that i decided to become a magician myself." Sperber decided to enchant children. Children’s magicians are not a dime a dozen, because not everyone has as good a connection to the little ones as he does, says the gorau native.

The spatberufene got his magic kit from the "bamberg magic friends", who are members of the magic circle of germany. Every 14 days they meet for the magic table. "Naturally under exclusion of the public, because after all our tricks are top secret." Since the beginning of this year, sperber has been chairman of the association that organized the "bamberg zaubert" festival in 1998 together with the bamberg city marketing department was called into being.

On 16. June 2013 he passed his baptism of fire at the anniversary party of the modschiedler kindergarten. "The children were thrilled with my performances." But it did not stop there. "I have 50 to 60 appearances a year", tells the gorauer, who is even to perform magic at the erfurt zoo next year. In the outdoor pool he is already recognized by a three-case high. "Then a ‘look, the children’s magician’ echoes back to me."

Child never claps out of courtesy

Are a large and a small magic audience different from each other?? "Very well", sparrowhawk speaks the experience of several years. He describes children as much more reactive and spontaneous, which is why he always includes them in his performances. Unlike adults, they have never been applauded out of courtliness. "If they find something bad, then they say it freely from the liver away", says the hobby magician, for whom not prizes but shining children’s eyes are the greatest reward.


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