Why many gereuth residents don’t want a subway stop

The sud suburban railroad stop was intended as a kind of lure to make the ground-level extension of the railroad line palatable to the people of bamberg. But in the very place where residents stand to benefit the most from the new transit service, the project is meeting with resistance – in gereuth. The reason for the protest, which is now articulated in a huge and hardly visible burgers club banner, is a rough, well ingrown and heavily frequented playground at kornstrabe. When the suburban train stop is built, a concrete ramp will lead to the platform where the playground is particularly overgrown. The project has met with opposition from many, especially from norbert tscherner (BBB), head of the burgerverein. He suggests a variant that has been realized south of the forchheim strabe. There, the rail stop could provide good connections to the brose arena and the possible training center of the chamber of handicrafts. But in the city administration one holds this idea for absurdly. The city council and the relevant authorities had already made up their minds.

This did not stop the residents from the neighboring distelweg from climbing onto the barricades. They consider the train stop dispensable. "We have a bus."

What the city council says about the conflict? According to information from the city hall, how many coarse trees are affected and how is the railroad positioning itself??


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