Beiersdorf ceo heidenreich leaves after successful tenure

Beiersdorf CEO Heidenreich leaves after successful tenure

The head of the beiersdorf nivea group, stefan F. Heidenreich, will leave the company at the end of next year at the latest.

He had reached an amicable agreement with the supervisory board not to extend his contract, which had run until then, the company announced in hamburg. If the supervisory board appoints a successor, he will step down from office at an earlier date. The news was not well received on the stock market. The dax group’s shares lost 4.9 percent by the afternoon.

Munnerstadt: a dirty present for the building yard

The employees of the city's building yard are used to a lot when it comes to mull. Over the holiday season, the head of the building yard, stefan sluzar, had another particularly disgusting treat. At the parking lot "oberes tor unknown persons have disposed of household garbage in coarse quantities.

Andreas simon has reported the mull to the city. He regularly passes by the parking lot and finds that the garbage baskets there are often stuffed with waste that really belongs in a garbage can. But what he has now discovered makes him shake his head. "This is not normal", he says.

Monti fears bankruptcy for sicily

Monti fears bankruptcy for sicily

In a letter he has therefore asked the governor of the island, raffaele lombardo, to accept his resignation, already publicly announced, on 31 december. July now to confirm. As the milanese "corriere della sera" reported on wednesday, a financial collapse of the southern region could damage monti’s savings and reform plans. The island had to be governed provisionally.

A powerful policy against the crisis in sicily also depends on "the situation of the government at the regional level," monti made clear the need for change. From the romanian point of view, the regional authorities are not the least responsible for the impending bankruptcy in sicily.